Earthquakes Coincidence

Brief Info and Share (Remembrance)

PADANG GEMPA BUMI 7.6 Magnitude. 30.10 2009. 17,15 Hour, happen in Padang or can happen, any part of the World !

Nearby Market Place, Padang.

On 30 October afternoon at about 5:15 pm. I in Solok area to Padang approx 60 km. but also Singapore can feel the jolts can be felt by my office staff in Singapore. Even my friend house in Solok already felt heavy jolts. Apparently not I have no health problems, but an earthquake is the actual item. According to news broadcast on TV that an earthquake at the Padang, Sumatra, Indonesia. Near to Indian Ocean site. At first, approx 300 people have been victims. Local people are sell the petrol price go up to US$ 2 to 3 per litter, due shortage of fuel for almost 2 weeks and than back to normal US$0.60 per litter. It is expected the death toll will rise after the second shock concussion in November, a day after the first earthquake. After a week the network telecommunications back to normal. 

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